Full Stack Software Engineer

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Full-time


At Integrated Automotive Experience, we are bringing the latest technology to disrupt the lagging automotive industry. As an innovative marketing company, IAE has an incredible opportunity for the right enthusiastic developer.


As you read through various postings, ask yourself: Do you really want to be one person in a massive team? Are you looking forward to poring over the same sections of code day and night to develop and optimize some obscure function? Or would you prefer to sit at the table with the clients, stakeholders and managers to architect and develop a solution. Provide your input on upcoming functionality and manage your schedule to deliver your best work. For a higher level of consciousness, experience our incredible latte machine and/or smoothie blender. Read our last developer’s testimonial below.


We are seeking a Full Stack Developer to expand our existing technology platform. The successful candidate would be one who thrives in a creative and free environment with minimal supervision and who is always looking for new innovations and game changing ideas. If you are disciplined, a high-achiever (academically and in your career) and you are motivated by problem solving in a fun, youthful environment, then this position may have been created just for you.

Design, develop and implement enhancements and new features to our digital vehicle management system built in-house. Extend the existing web-based functionality to a mobile application. Exercise creative control in the implementation of these projects as well other projects that you come up with. While reporting to the Director of Technology Development, you will be contributing to all aspects of the business to help solve the growing problem of fleet management through technology.

“My name is Adrian Bar and I was in the exact same position as you 16 months ago. There were numerous exciting job prospects for me but none of them could offer me the opportunities that Integrated could. Most large companies will hire developers to work on a very specific and narrow task, a small cog in a large wheel.

But not here at Integrated Automotive. Here you will be the sole software developer, taking over entire projects on your own and being able to exercise complete creative freedom with minimal supervision. I can't express how rewarding it is, to build an entire application from scratch and see it being used by the biggest names in the automotive industry. Our team is full of the brightest minds, each with a vision of how to take the industry to the next level. We just need someone like you, motivated and driven by excellence, to make these visions a reality.”

Required Skills:
Software Experience

· Extensive working knowledge of web development (full-stack)

· Strong knowledge of React.js, PHP Frameworks, HTML, CSS, SQL, JavaScript and/or jQuery

· Familiarization with robust database architecture and secure MySQL queries

· Knowledge and experience with leading UI and UX designs, both for web applications and mobile apps


Soft Skills

· Demonstrates exceptional problem solving skills

· High level of discipline, self-driven and thrives under a creative environment with minimal direction and supervision

· Ability to set accurate time estimates and committed to meeting deadlines

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills

· Provides strong internal and external programming documentation

Bonus Points:

· Working knowledge of mobile application development (smartphones and tablets)

· Proficiency in object-oriented languages (Java or Objective-C)


Mandatory Requirements:

· Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or a related field

· Valid Unrestricted Driver's Licence

· Available to work in Canada

Generous Referrals:

If you know someone who might be a great candidate, refer them to us and we will provide you with a generous referral if they are the right fit.

For more information, feel free to contact js@integratedauto.com and visit us at: www.integratedauto.com



Apply for this opening at http://integratedauto.recruiterbox.com/jobs/fk0fedk?apply=true